Our Story

This business was started from nothing but full blown heartache while my son was at boot camp. Anxiety mixed with a little bit of a momma that cried if she stopped, mixed with a lot of feeling secluded and like no one understood, mixed with emotions from life happening, mixed with a little bit of retail marketing experience ,mixed with a strong will, mixed with a horse adds up to Slap-A-Sticker On It. All I can say is that this is where God wants me to be. I would have never seen myself here but it has become my life. When they say if you do what you love you’ll never work a day of your life they are so right. The bond we have in this USMC family has given me the strength to do hard things every single day. I thought when boot camp was over I would get off of Facebook and stop searching for my Waldo and here I am in the groups smiling and getting teary eyed at yours. Believe it or not you will miss it!
My Marine’s next chapter involved a Navy Veteran, my daughter-in-love… Now here I am with her running this business every day. Oh, and our sweet Taylor. All I know is this granddaughter of mine better not even consider being anything other than a princess!
This is a charity that I am involved with because one of my worst fears was getting my son back in body but not mind. PTSD was right under the fear of my son not coming home alive for me. In my mind I could carry him around if I had to, but I couldn’t fix a hurt heart and mind. My husband says he thinks God took me on this journey to be with things I love, Horses and Heroes. I hope he’s right…
Semper Fidelis, Sherry